With your dating skills of today, would you be more succesful in the past?

I’ve asked myself that a lot and I have heard friends of mine ask themselves the same thing too. Would you be more successful with women in the past?
To begin with, I really sucked with girls in the past: In secondary school it took me two years to even talk to my crush. During high school I literally had no sex. It had to be set up with a friends pretty niece before someone even went down on me.
Not many girls later I am thirty-something now and I have a beautiful daughter I am raising alone. I do not have much time to actually meet women now, so every time I do, I try to make it count. Thanks to online dating I get to meet a lot more women than I did before and I do have more sex than during pregnancy of my late wife. But I am far off from Hank Moody, who gets tons of sex without any effort. Comparing my life to Californication is actually not good. I don’t manage to score every time. So when I don’t I am likely to get moody And when I get moody again sitting home alone after dark, I often think:

“Wow, with my dating abilities of today, I would really rock the past!“

Just imagine back then, you would have wasted way too much time deciding if or not you should talk to that particular girl in a sexy way. First you would have asked your friends if they knew who she was and who her friends were. Then you would try to strike up a conversation with her best friend, which would always go horribly wrong in one direction or the other. Either she would brush you off or she would be very interested in you. Either way, she would have made damn sure your girl of desire would shun you for the rest of the evening.

The friend zone is your friend!

I did get in the so called “friend zone” a couple of times, which makes me cringe only at the thought of it. Not because the friend zone is real – because I didn’t see it as the huge opportunity it is! As a straight guy I only knew the friend zone as a dead-end, you definitely don’t want to walk in to. But luckily – and this came from a gay dude – I was told later the friend zone does not exist (as such). Admitted, if you’re only going for sex, aiming at the friend zone is a very bad idea and you might scare off your date by doing so.
So looking back today, I would say I could have had much more sex and much earlier too. But in the other hand: what’s the point in looking back?

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    Keep it as coy banter: Hey, are you going to take me out properly one of these nights? Well-behaved women seldom make history. If you re not sure if you want to be with him, you need to let him move on.
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    Why is this chick still around. Getting together with a group of friends, put more effort into your work or even take on a new hobby that you have always wanted to try is a great place to start. This is very dangerous ground if you are not in the right mindset as we discussed.
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