Hi there!


I love women and I am a single dad to a beautiful daughter.

Most of my male friends are “stuck” in relationships with kids. Because I am single, I get to live their phantasies a lot. To be honest, they pushed me to do this blog for a long time. Now I am very happy to share my experiences and controversial thaughts and I even make enough money doing it to spend more time with my adorable daughter.

Speaking of my daughter: We lost her mother shortly after she was born to an aneurysm in the brain. Since then she had a lot of great people around her and as of today – knock on wood – she doesn’t miss her mom at all and is a very happy adorable child.

I’ve been to very dark places since then and have come to know myself a lot better, I have learned a lot about people in those dark places too (good and bad), which I’m not sure of yet if this is a good thing.

We live in Germany, where women are more up-tight than in other western countries (yes, all rumors are true!)